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La Vie

We’re here to take fusion food to the next level
Welcome @ La Vie

Taking you on a journey around the world, one bite at a time.

La Vie is all about combing the traditional with the untraditional. We’re not serving you flavours that you’re used to. In fact, we’ll serve you even better.

Our kitchen is filled with fresh, international and original ingredients with one thing in common: the ability to blow your mind with just a single bite. When our chefs work their magic and turn these ingredients into the most flavourful dishes you’ve ever had, that’s when you know you’ve discovered your favourite hotspot for soul food & innovative cocktails.

Not that hungry or in a sharing mood? We’ve got you: our delicious bar bites are perfect to combine a glass of wine with.

Joicy Lee

‘Hi, I am Joicy. I have Chinese roots but I am a real Ostend citizen. My cooking gives me the opportunity to create the most tasteful dishes from around the world….’


I was born and raised in Ostend, but traveling around the world gave me the ultimate inspiration to design cutting-edge cocktails. It would be a shame not to share them with you!