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La Vie is a place where we take fusion food to the next level!

La Vie is all about the flavours, flavours that can be found in our ‘around the world in 6 dishes’ philosophy. Our dishes are accompanied by cocktails that are designed for the ultimate food pairing experience. We are proud to present you La Vie: The hotspot for innovative soul food in a contemporary and exciting setting.

But wait! La Vie is also an excellent place to enjoy cutting-edge cocktails and delicious bar bites to share with your loved ones. See you there!



‘Hi, I am Joicy. Chef of La Vie, I have Chinese roots but I am a real Ostend citizen. My cooking gives me the opportunity to create the most tasteful dishes from around the world….’



‘Hello, my name is Gregory, the man responsible for your cocktails and mocktails. I was born and raised in Ostend, but traveling around the world gave me the ultimate inspiration to design cutting-edge cocktails. It would be a shame not to share them with you!’



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Open Sunday ‘till Thursday: 11am - 10pm | Friday & Saturday: 11am - midnight
Sorry we’re closed on Wednesday

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Want to enjoy our 6 dishes around the world comfortable at home? No problem, our take-away service is here for you!

Interested in serving our home-made and fresh products? Contact us and we’ll figure out a deal that you cannot refuse!



Find us in Kadzandstraat 14, 8400 Ostend. Belgium


Open Sunday ‘til Thursday: 11am - 10pm

Open on Friday & Saturday: 11am - midnight

Sorry we’re closed on Wednesday


Don’t hesitate to contact us at
059 70 00 27